All our products on sale are handcrafted with love, in the comfort of our own home. We are thoughtful with our recipes and ingredients to ensure you will love our botanical goods as much as we do.


Low Waste

We strive to be as low waste as we possibly can. From manufacturing to delivering, we aim to avoid any items that will end up in the landfill. Therefore, we promise to package our shipping products minimally, in recyclable, reusable biodegradable materials.


All Natural

Each product we create are made with 100% natural ingredients. From flowers, fruits and herbs to nuts, vegetables and essential oils, we love to maintain our natural halo throughout all our creative processes.


Cruelty Free

We would like to assure you that from start to finish our products haven't hurt any animals. This means no animal testing, no palm oil ingredients and only plant-based products are used. (Please check individual item ingredients as some products may include honey).


Email Address: Info@halobotanicals.co.uk