Halo Botanicals is a small ran business based in Norfolk, East England. We handcraft natural, eco-conscious products for you, while being mindful of the environment. We strive to turn day to day products more eco-friendly, sustainable and accessible, in hope to bridge the gap between the unethical items on the market today. 

When shopping for products, we understand it can be very difficult to find products that abide by all our values at once, whatever they may be. We believe it should not be your responsibility to spend your time and money attempting to find products that are suited to both you, and the environment with quality, affordability and accessibility as top priorities. That's why we provide a transparent service to offer quality products, adhering to your ethical values and eco-conscious beliefs.


We are proud of our work and the products we provide. All our products sold to you are handcrafted, sustainable, alternative swaps to current products on the market today. We only use natural ingredients and try to keep our recipes as simple as possible, without any unneeded or hidden components. We do not use palm oil, toxic chemicals, plastic packaging or animal tested ingredients and ensure we are always evolving and improving.



Email Address: Info@halobotanicals.co.uk